Honda Shadow
3 am call time out in Needles California to get this shot. The brief was to convey the superior
fit and finish quality of a Honda while visually communicating the freedom and spirit of the open road.
Honda Shadow Aero
A retro ad for a retro style bike. With wide sweeping handlebars, big floorboard and large tapered exhaust pipes, this Streamline Era styled cruiser was begging for a “flash from the past” campaign. No detail was spared in this ad, right down to the retro typography style from that period. I went as far as having the photo printed on paper and hand tinted as they did in back in the day. Check out the equally retro style TV commercial that went along with this print ad. 
The new CR line from Honda. If you want one, get in line.
The much anticipated Honda CR line of motocross bikes. This ad featured the full Honda Race Team, from the young champions on the CR85 to the now legendary Ricky Carmichael on the CR250. All of them on location and taking the same 50 foot table top jump. Getting the right angles, lighting and body language took a bit of work but in the end it made for a very cool ad.
Honda Race Wins Ads
“Win on Sunday / Buy on Monday” was the corporate mantra at Honda. If the race team had a winning weekend consumers would be buying the following week. These ads were created the day of the win and ran in national publications the very next day. No easy feat, as the imagery used was from the race itself, copy and designs were created at the vendor, approved by the client on site and all of it had to be done in a matter of hours. At the time, this was a crazy scramble that played out every Sunday night, but in hindsight it was a lot of fun.

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